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Virtual reality tours are a great way to feel the environment of the space without actually being present.

It is a great tool for real estate marketing. It allows the buyer to see the property without having to schedule and spending time at the actual property.

It is also a great tool for companies that have showrooms or want to show the factory or office. Best example is a company that sells furniture would be able to have a virtual showroom that will allow customers to see all the floor models without leaving their home.


Virtual Reality Tours pricing depends on the space.

There is no general way to calculate exact price without knowing the layout, what the space looks like and how much light the space has.

Below is an idea of how much a project might cost 

(Prices vary by project)

under 500sqft - aprox. $1.00 per square foot

over 500sqft - aprox. $1.50 per square foot

(minimum charge is $100.)