Interior Doors

Some information on popular interior doors

Hidden, Minimalist, panel doors are gaining popularity. Image shows one of the styles of minimalist doors. It has a thin frame and it is entirely flat. All you can see is a thin handle and a thin frame.

Another popular style is completely hidden door. The door finish needs to be matched with the wall finish. This allows the door to completely disappear and not ruin your interior.

The image on the right is a perfect example.

Exterior doors become much more simple. It is popular to have a very tall, single panel door. It gives a house a luxurious look and feels heavy and strong. These doors come in a very big variety of finishes. One can find any finishes that is desired.

Smaller exterior doors, for example in apartments, are getting new European style lock systems. This systems locks the door from each side, top and bottom. This system makes the door and you house hard to break.

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