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Trending interior design elements for 2019!

Every year brings more options for materials, finishes and ideas to bring into our interiors. If you’re ready to try something new, consider the following design trends. I looked through top design trends for 2019 in the United States and chose the best and most popular.

General design trend in United States in 2019 is minimalistic design. Homeowners try to make all cabinetry, appliances, shelves, doors etc.. hidden or flush. Big empty open spaces are getting more popular. New constructions and remodelings are changing separated kitchen to an open space kitchen joint with dining area, to create a feeling of more open space.

Let's start with color for 2019. This year, look out for matte black tones. This finish will bring you a more contemporary or modern look. Matte black finish complements variety of materials and styles. Also white will always be in style. But its increased popularity means there’s going to be some all-white-interiors. So while white interiors aren’t even close to going away, expect to see a rise in color, especially other neutrals like gray and blue. Plus, warm wood tones are becoming a popular replacement for painted cabinets, leading to sophisticated and rich palettes.

Both interior and exterior doors will experience a major change in design as new built and remodeled homes are changing their doors to tall, thick panel like exterior doors with matte glass. Invisible or panel like interior doors give the houses a modern look. Panel sliding doors are trending since 2016 and continue being popular in 2019. Trending material for the doors is wood and wood veneer.

Vintage and artisanal lighting gains popularity in 2019. Professionals are reporting more interest in vintage-style fixtures, such as aged copper pendant lights for accents in the kitchens, living rooms and dining area. For the main lighting homeowners are changing to recessed LED ceiling lights and channel LED lights around the perimeter of the space..

Concluding, the United States are going through a major change and reconstruction of interior designs from 2017 and into 2019. People are changing their homes to modern or contemporary looks.

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