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INFOshed is a high-tech information kiosk. The general design of the INFOshed represents a simple modern home shape, providing visitors with easy access and warm home like feel- ing, while still being a public tool. The structure of INFOshed is to consist of carbonfiber composit framing. The roof of the INFOshed cosists of carbon fiber composit framing wrapped in carbon fiber sheets and cured using bio-resin. The roof is to have integrated solar panels mounted to the frame beams. The inner walls and floor of the INFOshed are covered using industrial grade wood laminate, while the exterior walls and floor finish is carbon fiber sheeting painted matt white. This makes the entire kiosk light weight, easy to transport, and ae- thetically pleasing. INFOshed features 3 55 inch vetrical trans- parent displays by LG (55EW5F) These displayes will allow the information to be displayed while still giving a chance to see outside of the kiosk and allowing natural light in. The oposite wall features 2x LG digital wall diplays (VM5E series) These diplays feature minimal frame and an option of syncronizing with other displays. INFOshed contains 5 seating spots, across from each of the displays. The seating is design to match the form of the shed. The frame of the seating is made of steel and wrapped in carbon fiber for aethetic and comfort purpos- es. The seating plank is made of light oak wood. The wall with 2 digital wall displays has a horizontal opening allowing the air to flow in and avoiding creating a wind tunnel with 2 open sides. All systems for INFOshed are located under the floor with wiring running through framing in the walls. There are 4 wif routers located in the corners of the roof providing maximum wifi cverage and 2 modems located in the center part of the roof, allowing uninerupted internet connection in case of maintenance.


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