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The idea is to create a safe environment where families don’t have to think about safety, health, and other distractions that current society offers. It is a place where children can grow, develop, socialize, and learn in a safe and friendly environment, while their parents can concentrate on their needs. For example, the recreational area of the site will have fun but developing classes and exercise spaces like classrooms, labs, and hobby clubs. The lounges, cafes, and common areas are for families to connect, for teenagers to socialize, and for adults to get things done, whether it is work-related or simply thinking about life. The playgrounds will be located in such a way that a child will not be able to leave the playground without passing by their parents. One could argue that families could stay at home for that, but homes are missing one crucial aspect of development, which is socialization. It is important for people to socialize, make new friends, grow with existing friends, and learn how to behave in society.“Safe Steps” is a place designed specifically for that, Children, middle schoolers, and teenagers will have a safe space to socialize and learn at the same time and in a safe environment.


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