TRD_Design Taditional

This is a beautiful multimillion-dollar home that is located in the hills of Encino, California. Light wood finish cabinetry with traditional flooring. Implemented modern quartz slabs. Kitchen, dining room with a wine cellar and a see-through fireplace that connects the dining room and a living room. Special entertainment room with a stage for singing, modern seating for spectating the stage or the movies. Pool table in the guest house with a massage room and two saunas. The second floor featuring a library office with a fireplace and relaxation area. 2 smaller suites with their own bathrooms and closets. Master suite has a balcony a master walk-in closet and a bathroom that contains a shower and a free-standing bath.

This project was created in collaboration with Metropolitan Euro Furnishings. 

Metropolitan Euro Furnishings provides the best service, top quality Italian cabinetry and beautiful experience for their customers.