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This is a project located in Moscow Russia. Luxury apartment located at the corner of the building's wing. The building is Zhk Kryl'ya (ЖК Крылья). This is a warm 80 square meter apartment. Because of its unique location two of the rooms have beautiful corner windows with views of the city. Light tones, glossy surfaces, and mirror walls provide the feeling of open space and reduce the pressure of the walls. light wall decor and molding give a unique classic touch to the interior and visually raise the ceilings. The apartment features the main bedroom, secondary bedroom, main bathroom adjacent to the main bedroom, secondary bathroom available for secondary bedroom and guests, a large walk-in closet, and a combined kitchen and living room space. The entry hallway features a custom design mirror wall with bronze groves. The secondary bedroom is designed for a kid. Two versions available, one for a girl and one for a boy. Girls' version has a floating bed connected to an imitation of a hot air balloon. The ceiling is painted to look like a sky with clouds and the other elements of the bedroom match the rest of the apartment. The boys' version feature a car bed, grey concrete texture walls, one wall feature BMW Vision concept photo wallpaper, the niche side, and back wall feature a finish flag pattern. All cabinets imitate steel garage cabinetry.



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